‘A Christmas Prince’: the holiday crash you can’t look away from

Can something be so mediocre it’s captivating? It’s a question we’re still grappling with after watching Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince,” a beat-for-beat Hallmark-style Christmas movie released in November. “A Christmas Prince” is by no means good. Stale acting, laughable dialogue, predictable plot points and unrealistic happenings deck the halls of this flick. But somehow, the […]

‘Troll 2’: OH MY GAAAAAHD, a review

Since the dawn of the YouTube era, several clips and gifs from 1990 B-Movie classic “Troll 2” have made their way to numerous Facebook walls and Twitter feeds. But how many people have actually sat through the film? For the sake of humanity, we hope not many. But for those who enjoy bad movie magic, […]